Get straight to the Heart; Valentines Day

Posted January 15 2014

Valentines Day is always a special time of year, specifically to remind our loved ones just how much we actually do love them.....Hense, the big burden; what to buy for your loved one? Gone are the days where a dozen roses or a heart shaped box of chocolates did the trick. Today, woman, teenagers, wives, girlfirends & lovers want more proof. Could it be a new blender? Perhaps a vacume cleaner to ease the workload at home? Possibly a new pair of shoes, or the latest outfit by a famous fashion designer? No, not exactly. Those things are great but the reality is, most women can buy those things for themselves.

The whole key in buying the perfect gift for Valentines Day lies within the "romance,"of it all. Women want to know exactly how you see, think, and feel about them. Beware! Your gift must have meaning or you may be spending the night sleeping on the couch! C' harder!

You see its all about her. It's about what she likes. It's about how well you know her. Its your oportunity to let her know you are in tune with her needs and wants. This is the time to let her know you are paying attention, and that you actually "get it."

One fundamental and classic gift that's a sure no brainer, a home run at anytime for women, is jewelry. Not any jewelry, though, diamonds are always a sure pleaser, and real gold, or platinum is great but isn't always necessarry for this occasion.

WE believe that "charming" a woman through the use of a variety of "charms" on a charm bracelet, that are unique to her individual personality, will make you score big! It can be pearls, leatherettes, bangles, chains; all is good as long as the charms hanging reflect who "she" is.  

Charms that have lobster claws are always the best option because they can be removed, added or switched around on any piece of jewelry, therby adding a new look, be it dressy or casual, at any time. Gold plated and Silver plated charms and bracelets are always the most affordable. Remember.....the charms are small but speak loud and clear in a very large way! In addition to the charms and charm bracelets, buying a necklace with a pendant, that represent something special about "her," is also a wonderful way to show her how much you love her.  So start shopping and score big today!

We wish you all, happy shopping for your special someone.....and remember think...and get straight to the heart!

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